Carbon Footprint Calculators

Calculate your individual or group carbon footprint

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Cool calc

         Cool Climate         Calculators

Easy to use for individuals, households, and faith communities.  Travel, home, food, and shopping are considered.

The latter two are  provided by Interfaith Power & Light. The underlying calculator for all three was developed by the UC Berkeley Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab.

EPA calc

Detailed  Calculator and Spreadsheet

Comprehensive and customizable for a variety of situations in online and downloadable spreadsheet versions.

Created by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


  Campus-oriented    Calculator

Aligned toward active collegiate life.

The Oregon State University calculator is based on the Santa Clara Univ. calculator.



ICAO calc

Air Travel

Airport to airport travel with individual segments or roundtrips.

Developed by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization.

  • 1000 lb = 0.454 tonne (metric ton)
  • 1 tonne = 1.1 ton = 2204.6 pounds


Raising, processing, transporting, and waste are associated with 1/4th of human carbon emissions.

See also No Food Left Behind Corvallis.

Greenhouse Gas and Energy Converters

Converters are handy when different types of units are needed for carbon and energy calculations.

1000 lb = 0.454 tonne

The US EPA GHG converter provides equivalencies for various sources.

The US Energy Information Administration  has conversion factors for heat and several other energy types.